Field Services

From midstream of Oil and Gas, MARK can offer EPC solutions across a wide spectrum of businesses and has left its successful footprints signifying MARK as a single point source for all recruitment and contracting needs

  • Condensate Handling Systems (CHS)
  • Gas Polishing & Compression Systems (GPC)
  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of Rod Pumping Units.
  • Installation, commissioning & monitoring of HPS for oil and effluent water.
  • Monitoring of well head, ESP and PCP
  • Support services for Rig Sites
  • Monitoring and inspection of pumping units.
  • Miscellaneous field services.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Oil Field Facilities.

Engineering and Consulting

MARK's Engineering Division Offers the following professional services with cutting edge technologies.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual engineering
  • FEED
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detail Engineering & Drafting
  • Debottlenecking studies
  • Trouble shooting and optimization studies

Project Management and Construction

MARK has proven the track with their key personnel in Project Management. Efficient Project Management capability from start to finish is what our personnel at MARK focus on. Site construction, MARK brings to the table and array of project services associated with site construction - Pipe line, piping, steel structure, equipment erection and E&I. MARK has a qualified team for the construction in above disciplines.

Project Quality Control

Efficient and qualitative project execution over the complete span of project is what our strength at Mark focus on. As far as quality is concerned, the quality plan is prepared as per the client's requirements and our top-notch quality standards. Inspection at various levels is encouraged to suit the clients and enhance our performance.  

Pre commissioning and commissioning

At the Pre-commissioning stage, the respective assignments and responsibilities matrix are assigned between the Company, the construction contractor, the related equipment vendors and the client. MARK's fleet is capable to provide the Commissioning phase support in all disciplines includes, process, electrical, instrumentation and mechanical for verifying the system performance and stabilization.

Valve Maintenance and Testing Facility

MARK's full fledged valve testing facility located at East Ahmadi provides the quality and committed services for the various types of valves for the O&G sector. Advanced type of Barbee test bench is the lead of Ahmadi Valve Shop.

Portable Machine Shop

A modular, portable containerised machine shop is the added advantage of the MARK maintenance team. MARK offers latest technological maintenance support for the O&G facilities.


  • Field Services
  • Engineering and Consulting
  • Project Quality Control



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